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Playing in Dirt

Red Class – 2’s

Our 2’s class is held Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 – 11:00 am.  Parents attend class with the child for the first half of the year.

Children and parents participate in a variety of fun, hands-on activities designed to encourage development appropriate for their age.  They are free to do an art project, create a project at the stamping table, build with the blocks and cook in the play kitchen.  Circle time is an engaging activity for the children to learn new songs, finger play, experiment with music or listen to a story. Children need to be nurtured and encouraged at all ages to build upon their own individual developmental stages; the My Parent and Me Class provides a fun environment for the parents and students to interact in the classroom.

Children must be age two by October 1st.

Yellow Class – 3/4’s

PaintingOur 3’s class is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Parents work in the classroom two to four designated days a month. Working days are determined by an adult to child ratio of 1:5.

Children spend most of their time in free play at the art table, dressing up in the dramatic play area, enjoying a book in the reading corner, building a tower in the block area, or doing puzzles at the tables.  A number of age appropriate, sensory stimulating, fun activities are designed to create rich and memorable experiences for the students. The children participate in a science/discovery activity everyday designed to allow the students to explore and experiment. Many special activities and events are planned throughout the year.  We even visit a fire station, ride on a ferry boat and take a trip to the beach!

Children must be age three by October 1st.

Writing Blue Class – 4/5’s

Our 4’s class is held Monday through Thursday from 12:30pm – 3:00pm. Parents work in the classroom two to four designated days a month. Working days are determined by meeting an adult to child ratio of 1:5.

The class provides an opportunity for children’s cognitive development to be enriched through emerging literacy, math, science, art and music activities.  Story time, writing centers, keeping a journal, language activities and dramatic play offer an opportunity to practice pre-reading and writing skills. Counting, sequencing numbers, estimating and observing patterns helps develop an understanding about numbers. Art and music enhance creativity and provide an opportunity for children to express their feelings. Art and music are woven into the curriculum to reinforce learning concepts.  Every day is filled with messy fun and exploration. There are also some wonderful field trips to farms, parks, and more planned once a month!

Children must be age four by October 1st.