Our Space

Children are hands-on learners – they need to be free to feel, touch, hear, manipulate and explore in order to help them learn and remember information and concepts about the world around them!

You will see kids in the art area with their fingers in paints of every color of the rainbow.  You will see kids elbow deep in the texture table playing with rice, beans, ice or dirt. You will see kids exploring the world in the reading corner.  You will see kids measuring ingredients for a hands-on snack center, exploring new foods with different tastes and textures during snack time. You might see fairy princesses dancing or cooking and serving their friends in our pretend kitchen. You will see kids working and playing together, doing science, learning to use scissors, glue and tape to create their own art.  We let the children decorate our space with their artwork; there is even a bulletin board for the kids to display their own work. We encourage children to think and act for themselves, because “the greatest minds, think for themselves.” Steilacoom Co-op is a great place to be a kid!

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