Tuition & Registration


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Bates Fees

SCP parents are required to be registered with Bates Technical College and are automatically enrolled in a continuing education parenting program. The Bates fees are based on tuition rates and vary from year to year due to State funding changes.

The Bates Quarterly Tuition fees for the 2016-2017 school year are $27.80 per quarter for the 2 year old class and $41.50 per quarter for the 3 year old and pre-k classes. Bates fees are paid 3 times per school year (in October, January, and March). You will be notified of the amount at the beginning of the school year and will be given the option to pay the whole year.  One parent per family is registered with Bates.

Cleaning Fees

A $75 cleaning deposit, in the form of a check, will be taken at the beginning of the school year. This deposit will be held until such time as the family has fulfilled their cleaning obligation and will receive a check back for the full amount. Families may elect to pay the $75 cleaning fee in lieu of fulfilling the duty.